Tuesday, 10 November 2015

More 'L' Letterpress Play

This is a very quick post, but I just wanted to share some more of my results from testing out my new 'L' Letterpress toy tool. It definitely is messy and I've noticed that the big plates are easier to manage, without accidents, than the very small Christmas plates. But hopefully practice will help.

So first I tried the red on watercolour paper and that looked yuck, so If I'm using red, 
it will have to be on Letterpress or thick white card stock.  
Next, I tried the Kraft, which is 300gsm and I love the possibilities!
Next I tried the teal on the watercolour paper and that looked good.
 Then I decided to try adding a bit of navy for an ombre effect and that made me HAPPY!
 I think if I try this again I'll have to use 2  acrylic blocks and 2 rollers so I don't waste ink 
and get it muddy.

So what do you think???

I'm also very relieved and happy to have received my parcel from Papertrey Ink - I'm so excited and will have to put aside some time to make Christmas goodies over the next few days!

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