Friday, 5 May 2017

Taking a Break

Hello my sweet friends. I'm sorry for the silence. I have been so busy with choosing everything for our Queenscliff home, which is now complete and somewhere along the way I lost my Mojo big time! I'm hoping to get back in to some routine and be able to get my creativity back soon:(

In the meantime here is a card I made in March, with a gorgeous stamp from Hero arts.

Here is a pic of the view from the room where I will be doing my creations at Queenscliff.


  1. Love your new craft room Jenny!!

  2. Hi Jenny. I know you will be creative soon in your beautiful new studio. It is gorgeous! The view is stunning and is sure to inspire you. We all go through times with our missing mojos ... I know it won't be long before you find yours again. In the meantime, thanks for sharing the gorgeous card you created a few months ago. xx

  3. Well, I can certainly understand how you're distracted with your gorgeous new-look home, and that view! I'd just want to sit and stare all day! Enjoy your break from crafting x

  4. Gorgeous, Jenny! I found a card I intended to send to you a long time ago (insert embarassed face). Can you PM me your address?

  5. I found it interesting how your notes only focus on website..