Wednesday 26 October 2011

Melbourne puts on a beautiful sunny day for Queen Elizabeth!

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  1. The Queen opening the new Royal Children's Hospital. I bet all the children were very exited meeting her, especially the twins Trishna and Krishna (don't they look great).
    Lots of people turned up in Fed Square to catch a glimpse - not me I'm not in to crowds. I can remember when I was at school we all got to line up and wave flags as she went past - it was amazing then, but my 13 y.o. daughter couldn't care less! It would have to be a young and glamourous Princess for her to take notice and even then she wouldn't care too much, as it is irrevelant to her life. So although it is inevitable we will become a republic, there are still many people who like to see the pomp and ceremony and just want to be there as it is part of history.