Sunday 22 April 2012

Runway Inspired Ric#10

I really do enjoy these challenges! I have never even bothered to look at runway photos before and it is amazing how much they can inspire you! I have also learnt about trends and how to combine colours with just the right right balance. Well hopefully I am learning...
Anyway, I love the new chevron trend, but sadly don't have a chevron stamp.  I thought about making my own using ribbon or paper etc, but it seems to have been done, then I found this gorgeous designer paper from Bella and Christina Re, found the orange trim in my stash and voila!

If you want to make a card for this challenge, click here
I had trouble photographing this because it's the wrong time of day(too many shadows),
but hopefully you can see the detail.


  1. Oh, how pretty!! Love all the wonderful detail and your use of the colors and patterns...lovely:)!!

  2. I'm glad you've been learning so much with the Runway Inspired certainly shows in your card! I love your layout and that orange trim. Thanks for playing along!