Monday, 31 December 2012

Runway Inspired ric#26 - Bibhu Mohapatra

Yay, I'm back to card making! I don't have my own space for crafting, so all of my goodies have been packed away since before Christmas as we have overseas visitors. They are currently away for a couple of days, so I have pulled a few things out to try to get my mojo moving!

I've been pondering this challenge for a few days - such a stunning outfit, but for me very challenging colours. In the end I decided to have a lot of white space to echo the runway and then the star to hilight the colours and pattern.

I've used a Kaisercraft chipboard star and coloured it with Chipped Sapphire distress ink and then clear embossed with clear opals powder.
 Next I heated the star again and used green opals powder on part of the star and heat set this.
The sentiment is computer generated and I used the cuttlebug and my embossing board for the background.


  1. you are just like me. I look at the picture for days before I create and even creating takes hours to get just right. I wanted to write you back on the comment you wrote, but you never left an email! I think it is interesting that you can sense assertiveness in my posts because 1. I express so many blog boo boo's and wonderings that make me sound like a worry wart! the thing people say to me most is HAVE FUN. guess it is because I must seem like I am not having fun. Truth is, I am having fun MOST of the time. Seems like a lot of people are always so happy, no one says, hey that stinks! (kind of like motherhood sometimes, people are afraid to say that being a mom is tough on occasion because of the judgement). I just say it. Kind of lack a filter that way. 2. I am assertive in other areas of life. my job as a nurse practitioner causes me to be assertive and sure of what I say. I tend to be a confronter. I don't like to let things go if it is a problem. I want to tackle it and move on. That is my personality in real life. So now I am just rambling on this comment, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your visits, I love that you love RIC just about as much as I do and each week you just keep getting more and more awesome with your creations including this one! Ok I will shut up now!

  2. Wow, I love this, Jen! I also ponder the RIC challenges for days while hoping for inspiration, and not always with success, but you definitely "get" these RIC challenges.

  3. I adore the texture of your card and the amazing sentiment. Thanks for joining us on the Runway!

  4. Nothing is more impactful with a well treated large focal, Jenny! And I love your scored borders for the sentiment! Your card is stunning! Thank you for joining us in the Runway Inspired Challenge!