Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Moxie Fab World- TT Sweet Dreams

It's been fun reading all the posts at Moxie Fab World over the last week and voting for our favourite 3 in various categories. It's good to reflect on the trends of the last year - in fact, before I discovered MFW, I wasn't even fully aware that there were trends (apart from products) in the paper craft world.
So 2012 was a great year for me with my crafting and blogging.
I have really enjoyed entering challenges and getting to 'know' other crafters through their blogs.

It hasn't been such a great year health wise for my family, but hey, what can you expect when you have 86 yo parents and I spend way too much time sitting at the computer. So this year I need some balance,
I want to spend less time procrastinating over my creations and try to get my creative juices flowing away from the computer. I am going to take charge of my health and as soon as my foot is recovered I will start walking and bike riding.

Anyway, here is another card I have pondered over for the last week for the Tuesday Trigger, it definitely isn't what I had in mind at the beginning, but serendipity took over!

I really wish I had a natural talent for clusters - I intend to keep trying, because I really love a CAS with a
a cluster of elements. 


  1. Beautiful card, love the flowers and the bird!

  2. Love how you've interpreted the inspiration picture - the wood, the floor, the gingham, the hint of yellow - perfect!

  3. What a beautiful card, the roll-roses are gorgeous!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! : )