Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Runway Inspired - Ric #34

Can you believe it? 4 posts in one morning! 
This one is for the latest Runway Inspired challenge. There's nothing original with this one, but I love this stamp from Kaisercraft and I love B & W with a pop of red!

I hope you like my cards and even more so I hope you like my photos because I had a little accident whilst taking them!
I am such a klutz at the moment, I've had so many falls lately, since the stress fracture in my foot, which hasn't healed very well.  I was taking photos outside, but the breeze kept blowing the backing card over so I went inside for some glue dots, set it all up again and went to sit down.
Unfortunately, I'd forgotten I was kneeling and the chair wasn't there!
I already have a sore wrist from a previous fall, so I fell on my derrière!!!!
This last photo was taken quickly while I was crying with pain!


  1. wow what a beautiful card :)

  2. This is really nice Jenny, love that stamp!

  3. You're on a roll (apart from the backward one onto the floor!). Gorgeous card - I like how the linen effect shows on the swirly image.

  4. Your card is so cool + love your perfect stamping!

  5. oh, stunning and very elegant card... thanks for calling in to my blog... Our holiday house is at Port Broughton, about 170 km north of Adelaide :)

  6. Oh dear. Please be careful. Bone injuries take a long time to heal.

    I love the beautiful stamping on your card...and the bits of red that just makes it pop!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident, Jenny! Hope that you are feeling better now and will recover soon!

    You card is gorgeous! Love how the little collage turned out and the red sequins made me smile, what a perfect finish touch! Thank you so much for joining us in the Runway Inspired Challenge this week!

  8. I love this gorgeous card - another wonderful design! I hope you haven't had any more little accidents - take care - hugs xx

  9. I love the red sequin accents on your card! It adds just the right amount of glitz :) Thanks so much for joining us on the Runway!