Wednesday 12 March 2014

OCC Day 1 - Faux Letterpress

This is a quick post to show my last (?) card for day one's homework. This technique was demonstrated by Shari Caroll and I guess you could describe it as ghost stamping.

I found this blue card in my scrap stash and thought it was pretty and that the peach colour would compliment it. The butterfly stamp is from Darkroom Door and the sentiment is from Clearly Besotted Stamps.  I added the white card because both my white gel pens are clogged! Does anyone know how to fix them??? I am so annoyed at the waste when there is still plenty of ink, but it wont write!


  1. try setting the gel pin in some 90% alcohol and let sit for an hour.

  2. Great job - this technique looks great with the butterflies. I will definitely need to give this a try!

  3. This is gorgeous! Love the blue and peach together. And I have no luck with gel pens either. None of mine have ever worked for very long! :(