Saturday 24 September 2022

Altenew Pair-A-Flower: Watercolor Edition Contest (entry #2)

 Hi there! Well I'm very happy one of our Bearded Iris plants popped up a bloom this week. It's not in great condition, due to rain and it was very close to the ground, but at least you get the idea!

I recently purchased the Altenew Iris Outline Stamp set and I am loving it! I've made lots of cards and this is the one I've chosen to enter the Altenew Pair-A-Flower: Watercolor Edition Contest.

I used Altenew 24 pan Artist Watercolors and Metallic Watercolors. I mixed the 2 for the background wash and splatter.

Just to remind you, in this Altenew contest you need to create a project with any Altenew floral design andWATERCOLORING MEDIUMS. Pair it with the same flower in real life or a similar floral design and photograph the two side-by-side.

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  1. This is absolutley gorgeous, Jenny.

  2. Irises are one of my favourite flowers. You have painted this one beautifully xx

  3. Fabulous card and iris - your painted image is beautiful, Jenny, and the bloom absolutely stunning.

  4. I just got this stamp set too but it will be months before the irises bloom here. Your Irises are gorgeous, both your painting and the live one!