Saturday 19 May 2012

Butter wouldn't melt!

Yesterday I had just finished making a card for the OLW challenge,when I remembered I had put porridge in the microwave, so I put the card up on a shelf, while I had my breakfast. When I came back to get the card to photograph it, I couldn't find it anywhere! I was the only one home, except the dogs! 

So I went in search and sure enough I found them having a good old chomp on something !

Sure enough they had eaten my card, which must have been blown down by the heater.
They look so sweet and innocent don't they?!!
Well, being in a grumpy mood, I decided to pay a visit to my not so local , favourite scrapbooking shop,
which managed to cheer me up!
When I got home, the dogs were very excited to see me, but I was horrified to find they'd manage to pull my pencil case of copics out of the craft draw and had been having a good old chew!!!!
I was lucky they seemed to like the gel pens best and had only just started on the copies.
I have managed a repair job on most of them with plumbers tape!


  1. My gosh, they are soooo cute!! We have a Cairn Terrier and love him to pieces!!

  2. HaHa!! What a sad story and what naughty doggies! I'm not a dog lover but aaaaawww!! those sweet little faces-how could they do such a thing???!!