Friday 3 April 2020

I'm Losing the Plot!!!

Hi there to my followers! I'm officially losing it!

First I posted the wrong card for my DT card for CAS Watercolour Challenge.

Then I thought it was Thursday, not Friday and nearly forgot to schedule my PBSC DT card. So I wrote up that post but scheduled it for today instead of tomorrow, so it got published early! 😔 So you may have caught an early glimpse😉

Then I cooked chicken snitzel for dinner, but burnt it 😡because my induction stove top is a bit temperamental!

Time for a glass of wine!

Oh and here's a card, because I can't post without a card.

The stamp set is 'Garden Silhouette' from Altenew.


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  2. Biggest hugs Jenny...we've we've all had times like this... I regularly have to check what day it is...I think we all have a lot to face in the future...I'm enjoying a red wine myself...Robyn

    1. Thanks Robyn! It is hard to know what day it is at the moment:) Glad we're in Australia!

  3. Wednesday was Saturday to me. I seem to either be behind or ahead of myself and I'm not sure which it is, LOL! My Dad used to tell me I didn't know which end was up. If he only knew! Wine sounds good! And so is your card, my friend!

  4. Oh Jenny - these days are all getting very blurred together, especially if you are in isolation/ lock down... but I hear you, and a good wine will fix it I am sure, either that, or you really won't care!
    Loving your card, sweet and simple looking, but no doubt took some effort :)
    Stay safe

  5. Yes we have all had days like that and thank you for sharing Jenny. A pretty water coloured card and hope you enjoyed the wine? What day is it Now???? x

  6. I don't know what day it is anymore. And making lots of mistakes too. What is happening??!! Maybe we should start a support group, Jenny! :) Lovely card, my friend!! xx