Monday 29 July 2013

More Homework

I'm getting lot's done today! I'm not sure how other people create, but I I often get stuck and put 1/2 finished work in to a 'work in progress' box and then move on to something else. Sometimes I come back to it, but sometimes I lose inspiration and it goes in to a stash box of incompleted work.

Well. this happened to me a lot of the last 3 weeks of Summer Card Camp, because I had so many ideas going through my head. This time however, I'm determined to complete as many cards as I can from my 'work in progress' box!!!

So, after all that rambling, here is my next card...

I have incorporated a few more ideas and techniques from the class in this card. I embossed the branch and birds as demonstrated by Jennifer in week 3. I've used the colours of week 2 and I've used embossed acetate inside a window like Kristina.

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful, love the sparkly birds and of course the colors :)